About Norwegian Massage Association

Norwegian Massage Association was founded by Kjetil Prestesæter in 2013. He is an experienced therapist, instructor, clinic owner and entrepreneur who saw the need for innovation among practitioner organizations. Most other associations have old-fashioned paper-based systems that require a lot of effort and high costs for members.


The goal has always been to run a large organization with a small and efficient administration. We communicate digitally with the members, and do not spend time and money on postal services. Members registers themselves in our database when they apply for membership. It saves us work, and there are less errors in the personal data.


Norwegian Massage Association is led by Kjetil Prestesæter. In addition, we have appointed a contact person who helps members with applications and other questions. See our Contact Page for more information.


We have over 700 members which makes us one of the biggest therapist organizations in Norway. Therefore we are particularly pleased that we are able to manage the association so effectively that we have the lowest membership fee.



(the graph shows the reported paying members - there is always some delay so that the real membership numbers are higher)