Free Webinar: Make Accounting Easy!

Tuesday 26 January at 20.00-21.00

Want to know more about how accounting can be made easier? Fiken is an accounting program designed to make accounting easy for the "non-economist".

Fiken holds free online courses specifically for us, and as a member of the Norwegian Massage Association you get 15% discount on the accounting program.

Fiken logo

The webinar is an introduction to Fiken and does not require any prior knowledge of Fiken or accounting in general. Good time is set aside for questions.

With the new rules for VAT, extra time has been added to go through the basic elements of accounting for VAT.

What is Fiken?

Fiken is an online accounting program designed to make accounting easy and painless for small businesses and sole proprietorships.

With Fiken you get, among other things:

  • Easy sending and follow-up of invoices.
  • App that interprets your receipts. Take a picture and throw away the paper - Fiken arranges the rest.
  • Overview of deadlines, and delivery of business statement, VAT statement and annual accounts to Altinn straight from Fiken.
  • Free customer support.