Faglige og etiske retningslinjer for medlemmer

Formålet med retningslinjene er å sikre at medlemmene utøver sin virksomhet på en seriøs og forretningsmessig ordnet måte. Det er et vedtektsfestet krav til medlemskap at alle retningslinjene overholdes, og brudd vil kunne medføre eksklusjon og eventuelt erstatningskrav.

Alle medlemmer er forpliktet til å:

  1. Ha gyldig ansvarsforsikring gjennom Norsk Massasjeforening.
  2. Opptre på en måte som ikke skader foreningens interesser eller rykte.
  3. Holde seg orientert om foreningens drift og bestemmelser via foreningens nettsted og Facebookside. Informasjon som deles på disse stedene regnes som kjent for alle medlemmer.

All members shall:

  1. Familiarize yourself well with and follow the rules for alternative treatment: Alternative Treatment Act, Register Regulations and marketing Regulations.
  2. Process, store and use personal information in accordance with The Personal Data Act.
  3. Ensure that premises, equipment and treatment are sound and in accordance with each patient's situation, condition and needs.
  4. Give patients the opportunity to make informed choices by informing about:
    • What treatment is offered.
    • To what extent the treatment is effective.
    • Any side-effects.
    • Estimated scope and cost of the treatment.
    • Which medical explanatory model the treatment is based on.
  5. Inform patients about the possibility of complaining about a member's professional practice and behavior. Complaints must be addressed in writing to the association, which will process it within 4 weeks.
  6. Without delay, inform the association of other members' violations, or suspicions of violations, of the association's articles of association or guidelines.

No member shall:

  1. Perform, offer or hint at sexually explicit acts or contact of any kind. It includes, for both masseur and client:
    • Nudity that is not needed for treatment.
    • Touch of body parts not normally covered by massage therapy.
  2. Offer or advise on alternative services or ideas that are contrary to scientific knowledge. It includes, among other things:
    • Dietary supplements, natural medicine, homeopathic remedies etc. without solid and unambiguously scientifically documented effect.
    • Energy treatments such as healing, reiki, still points, religious laying on of hands, etc. with a claim or hint that these have an effect on specific issues.
    • Guidance based on clairvoyance, psychics, channeling, medium, divination, angels, dream interpretation, astrology, tarot, crystals, pendulums etc.
    • Advice against vaccination and support for vaccine opponents.

Members who are in doubt about whether a method or theory is acceptable should contact the association's management and clarify the situation before using it.

Penalties for violations:

  1. In the event of a minor breach, the association may give the member a warning.
  2. Ved gjentagelser eller større brudd kan medlemmet ekskluderes fra foreningen.
  3. Ved brudd som skader foreningens interesser eller rykte kan foreningen reise erstatningskrav overfor medlemmet.