Guidelines for members

The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that members exercise their activity in a serious and businesslike orderly manner. It is an articles of association membership requirements that all guidelines are complied with, and violations could lead to a fine and / or exclusion.

All members shall:

  1. Setting up well into and follow the rules for alternative therapies: Alternative Treatment Act, Register Regulations and marketing Regulations.
  2. Manage, store and use personal information in accordance with The Personal Data Act.
  3. Ensure that premises, equipment and treatment is appropriate and in accordance with each patient's situation, condition and needs.
  4. Give patients the opportunity to informed choices by informing about:
    • What treatment is offered.
    • To what extent the treatment is effective.
    • Any side-effects.
    • Estimated scope and cost of the treatment.
    • Which medical explanatory model treatment is based.
  5. Inform patients about the possibility to complain about a member's professional practice and conduct. Complaints should be directed in writing to the association, which will treat it within 4 weeks.
  6. Without delay inform the association about other members' violations or suspected violations, the association's bylaws or guidelines.

No member shall:

  1. Performing, offering or hinting about sexual embossed actions or contact of any kind. It includes, for both the masseuse and the client:
    • Nudity that is not needed for treatment.
    • Touching the body parts that are not normally covered by massage therapy.
  2. Offering or providing advice on alternative services or ideas that are contrary to scientific knowledge. These include:
    • Supplements, natural medicine, homeopathic remedies, etc., without solid and unambiguous scientifically documented effect.
    • Energy Treatments such as healing, reiki, stillpoint, religious laying on of hands etc. alleging or suggestion that these have an effect on specific issues.
    • Guidance based on the vivid clarity, psychic, channeling, medium, fortune, angels, dream interpretation, astrology, tarot, crystals, commuter etc.
    • Advice on vaccination and support of vaccine opponents.

Members who are uncertain whether a method or theory is acceptable will contact the association management and clarify the situation before it is used.

Penalties for violations:

  1. Association may by less breakage give member warning.
  2. By repetitively or major violations, the member subject to fines. The fine paid to the association, or if appropriate given wholly or partly as replacements to those who breach has gone beyond.
  3. By serious violations member can be excluded from the association.
  4. Cancellation of membership and fines of at least kr. 1.000, - may be appealed in writing within 14 days. The case will then be decided by written ballot at the next annual meeting.
  5. The Board will treat all complaints confidentially. Any disqualified directors will resign during the proceedings.