Tryg Ansvarsforsikring for MassasjeAnyone who works with clients and health can make mistakes or be unlucky with the result of a treatment. A customer may claim that you have done something wrong even if you think everything is fine. A compensation lawsuit can be devastating for a small business.

Customers feel safer when the therapist is insured. Insurance is therefore mandatory for all our members.

Our insurance covers all your needs!

We have negotiated a very good insurance agreement with Tryg insurance. The insurance covers claims for compensation of up to NOK 10,000,000 and applies to both employees and the self-employed.

The agreement includes massage, acupuncture / needle treatment, exercise guidance and all soft therapies you are qualified to practice. Rapid joint manipulation, so-called "buckling" is not covered.

Studying massage?

Studentmedlemmer har gratis medlemskap og er ansvarsforsikret i hele studietiden.