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Webmesteren - 20% discount on web pages
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Laws and regulations

Act on alternative treatment of disease
Regulations on voluntary registration scheme for practitioners of alternative treatment
Regulations on the marketing of alternative treatment of disease
Law on processing of personal data
Law on patient and user rights
Act relating to health

Government agencies

Altinn - Registration and operation of buisness
tax Administration - Accounting and tax rules for businesses
option Register Bronnoysund - Registration gives VAT exemption
NIFAB - National Information for alternative treatment
NAFKAM - National Research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Starting and running your own business - Information for entrepreneurs

Information from Altinn
Order free establishes package from Altinn
Brochure: How to write a business plan?
Brochure: Promotion of self-employment
Free training courses from Win
Practical information from

Approved massage schools

Axelsons Bodywork School - massage therapist and massage therapist
Department of helhetsmedisin - Vocational training in classical massage and massage therapy
Massage & Therapy School - massage therapist
Balanz - massage therapist and massage therapist

We also approves educational programs for further assessment.