Member Benefits in Norwegian Massage Association

As a member of the Norwegian Massage Association, you get good discounts when purchasing important products and services.

Our partners provide high quality services and we have selected the ones that best suit our members. We have tested all the services ourselves, and can guarantee that they work well. As a member, you get prices and customer support others can only dream of.


  • 10-40% on clinic products from Silverlines
  • 15% on the accounting system of Figs
  • 25% of online booking of Onlinebooq
  • 30% on cash register from H. Ødegaard & Co

10-40% discount on clinic products from Silverlines

  1. Registrer deg som kunde i nettbutikken.
  2. Gå til «Min side», der det en egen knapp for avtaler, hvor det står hva som må gjøres videre.
  3. Du må være logget inn FØR du legger produkter i handlevognen.
  4. Rabatten vises når du kommer til kassen.
  5. Det er ingen fast rabatt-prosent. Rabatter kan variere fra produkt til produkt, og fra kategori til kategori.
  6. Rabatten gjelder ikke på allerede nedsatte produkter/tilbudsvarer.
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15% discount on Figs accounting program

Accounting is easier than you think - with Fiken you can do it yourself.

Try free for 30 days!

  • Accounting with built using
  • Invoice with one click
  • Salaries in two minutes
  • Year End and tax statement
  • Standard price from 149, - per month
  • Member Discount 15%
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25% discount on-linebooq booking system

Let your customers book an appointment when it suits them! The system keeps track of your calendar, appointments, orders, customers, notes etc.

Try free for 14 days!

  • Simple - you are up and running in minutes
  • Customers ordering hour even - without disturbing you
  • Reminders by SMS and e-mail - you avoid customers who do not show up
  • Timesheets and stats to accounts
  • Standard price from 99, - per month
  • Member Discount 25%
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30% discount on cash register with drawer from H. Ødegaard & Co

Everyone must have an approved cash register system, either online or a physical cash register. We have found the simplest and best for small clinics. This includes:

  • Statutory License.
  • Programming of the cash register (normal price 500, -) with the product groups you want, company name, logo etc.
  • Training via phone.
  • Free support.
  • The checkout can be connected to a PC and payment terminal (ask for a quote on the payment terminal if you wish).
  • 30% discount. Member Price 5.000, -
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