Member Benefits in Norwegian Massage Association

As a member of the Norwegian Massage Association has many advantages. The main ones are VAT exemptk and liability InsuranceBut we also have good cooperation with suppliers.

Our partners deliver high quality services and we have chosen them as best suited for our members. Norwegian Massage Association uses all the services themselves, and can guarantee that they work well. As a member you rates and support others can only dream about.


  • 50% of online booking of MinSalong / Style Time
  • 25% of online booking of Onlinebooq
  • Discounted startup on online booking of Timma
  • Discounted startup on online booking of CBIT
  • 30% on kassaaparat H. Ødegaard & Co
  • 15-35% på klinikkprodukter fra Silverlines
  • 15% on the accounting system of Figs
  • 20% in web design from Webmesteren

50% discount on online reservations and marketing of

50% discount on the system MinSalong Plus, an ultra-modern clinic system with calendar, online booking and efficient digital marketing.

  • Online booking system that we can easily add to your website, Facebook and other channels.
  • SMS notification to customers is included.
  • Get new customers, fill vacant hours and increase revenue by profile, A powerful digital platform.
  • Free start-up and no lock.
  • Integration with good cash register systems as follows crate law.
  • 50% member discount the premium version of the system MinSalong.
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30% discount on the cash register drawer from H. Ødegaard & Co

Everyone must have an approved overdraft from 01.01.2019, and we've found it easiest and best for small clinics. This included:

  • Statutory License.
  • Programming the cash register (normal price 500, -) with the product groups you want your company name, logo, etc.
  • Training via phone.
  • Free support.
  • The box can be connected to PC and payment terminal (ask for offer payment if you wish).
  • 30% discount. Member Price 5.000, -
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Integrated booking and checkout system Timma

  • No creation / startup cost
  • 3 months free use of the system
  • 6 months free website
  • Possibility of marketing / sales of spare hours through Timm portal
  • No binding
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Booking System from CBIT

  • Establishing kr. 995, - (save up to 4.000, -)
  • 50% off the first 6 months
  • Gift card and newsletters are included in the system
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15-35% rabatt på klinikkprodukter fra Silverlines

  • Småutstyr (arbeidsstoler, behandlingsutstyr etc.) 15%
  • Forbruksvarer (massasjeoljer, benkepapir etc.) inntil 35%
  • Vår rabattkode må benyttes ved bestilling
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25% discount on-linebooq booking system

Allow your customers to book an appointment when it suits them! The system keeps track of your calendar, appointments, orders, customers, notes etc.

Try free for 14 days!

  • Simple - you are up and running in minutes
  • Customers ordering hour even - without disturbing you
  • Notifications by SMS and email - you do not have customers who do not show up
  • Timesheets and stats to accounts
  • Standard price from 99, - per month
  • Member Discount 25%
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15% discount on Figs accounting program

Accounting is easier than you think - with Figs manage it yourself.

Try free for 30 days!

  • Accounting with built using
  • Invoice with one click
  • Salaries in two minutes
  • Year End and tax statement
  • Standard price from 149, - per month
  • Member Discount 15%
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20% discount on web pages from Webmesteren

Webmesteren all your needs in web design and digital marketing.

Get a quote!

  • Quickly - you may be started on the Internet within a week
  • Solid - we only use popular and thoroughly tested software
  • Simple - after the initial setup, you can make updates yourself
  • Safe - you get the training and support needed
  • Member Discount 20%
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