Member Requirements and titles

When applying for membership, fulfilled professional requirements (see below) must be documented. All educations, including foreign ones, are assessed on request.

The membership is valid for one calendar year at a time, and is automatically renewed by sending the invoice for next year in November. The membership must be terminated in writing before the invoice expires, otherwise it is considered renewed and the invoice must be paid. Paid membership fee is non-refundable.


massage therapist

450 hours in massage technique and anatomy / physiology.

Norwegian Massage School, Axelsons Institute and the Department of Holistic Medicine are the active Norwegian schools that have approved educations.

Education from other Norwegian and foreign schools is assessed individually.

Massage Therapist

Masseur + 150 hours of advanced therapeutic massage technique + 30 credits of medicine.

It is assumed that the practitioner has competence in trigger point treatment, PNF stretching and other additional techniques in physiological massage treatment.

Professional education in Physiotherapy, Naprapathy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic also qualifies for this title if the practitioner has adequate training in massage techniques.

sports massage therapist

Many masseurs have an education as a Personal Trainer or other sports education, with additional courses in massage.

The title is given to those who have an education of at least the same scope as a masseur, but where the distribution between training theory and massage can vary.

Wellness masseur

150 hours of massage technique and anatomy / physiology, with a focus on relaxation and stress reduction. This education can be taken on Norwegian Massage School.

Those who have an education in Aromatherapy, Skin Care or the like, may take an additional course in Relaxation massage.


Thai massage therapist

150 hours of Thai massage training.

Thai Massage Therapist

Thai masseur + at least 300 hours of further education in Thai massage.

Garden masseur

150 hours of training in Chinese Garden Massage.

Shiatsu masseur

150 hours of training in Japanese Shiatsu massage.

Yoga massage therapist

150 hours of training in Yoga Massage.