MVA 2021

Updated 28.12.2020

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MVA 2021

25% VAT on massage from 01.01.2021


In connection with the state budget for 2021, the government (Høyre, KrF and Venstre) has proposed removing the VAT exemption that has been in force for alternative treatment since 2003.

The bill amendment was finalized and adopted in the Storting on 21.12.2020 with support from the Progress Party, the Labor Party, SV and Rødt. The amendment is already written in VAT law.

This means that all massage services, other alternative health treatments and all types of wellness and beauty treatments will have a 25% VAT obligation from 01.01.2021.

Osteopaths, naprapaths and acupuncturists (who all have a Bachelor's degree or more) have applied for authorization as health professionals, and have therefore extended exemptions while case processing is completed.

The opposition parties have asked the government to make a more thorough investigation to see if there are more therapist groups that can be said to perform health services and thereby qualify for further VAT exemptions.

This may mean a new opportunity for massage, but with the short education most masseurs have it is probably not likely. No time frame has been set for this report, and it is unlikely to have any impact on the VAT obligation from New Year.

What do you need to do?

  • From 01.01.2021, alternative treatment (including massage and massage therapy) will be subject to VAT.
  • When you have sold services for 50,000, - you must register in the VAT register.
  • It is not allowed to collect VAT until you have registered in the VAT register. You must not add VAT from 1 January!
  • The state should have 20% of the turnover, and that means that you add 25% to the current prices to get the same result.
  • You can choose to increase prices less - the state still takes 20% of the sales price.
  • You register here on
  • Every two months, you must report your turnover (first time April 10 for the period January-February).
  • You do this with the form Ordinary VAT notification at
  • When you report, you must also deduct VAT on all purchases and bills you have in your business.
  • This means you get lower costs, so you do not have to increase prices by 25% to earn as much as before.
  • VAT accounting is more complicated than you are used to. We therefore recommend using an authorized accountant to do everything right.
  • If you think it's okay with numbers and papers, then there are also good and simple accounting programs that you can use yourself with a little practice.
  • Our members get a discount on the program Figs. Visma eAccounting and Conta are also good programs.