Newsletter 13.11.2020

With 965 active members, and new applications every week, the Norwegian Massage Association is Norway's largest association for alternative practitioners. We are happy for the trust, and work every day to make life easier and the business better for our members and for the massage industry in Norway.

We have many exciting plans for 2021, and although Covid-19 is making things a little difficult for us at the moment, we are looking forward to next year!

Kjetil Priest Sæter

Membership fee 2021

Most of our members have had their finances weakened as a result of the Korona crisis - both because we had to close for a period and because some customers are afraid of being in close contact with other people (the therapist, other customers or in public transport).

To help a little, the membership fee for 2021 will not increase. Our contingent is still approx. 50% of other practitioners' associations because we have efficient operations.

The membership fee must be paid by 1 December 2020.

This is to ensure that you maintain the liability insurance and registration in the Alternative Register. An invoice will be sent by e-mail in mid-November.

NB! If you have not received an invoice by 16 November, then your e-mail address is incorrect. Please get in touch as soon as possible!

Tryg Ansvarsforsikring for Massasje


We closely monitor measures and rules regarding the Korona situation, and provide ongoing information on our Facebook page.

We collaborate with various suppliers so that our members get a discount when buying hygiene equipment and other clinic equipment.

Our new partner,, now gives us 25% on textile sanitary napkins with and without print. We get a 15% discount on all other hygiene equipment.



Further education at the Norwegian Massage School

The chairman of the board of the Norwegian Massage Association, Kjetil Prestesæter, realized this summer an old dream of establishing a modern massage school.

Norwegian Massage School is now in full operation, and is already a success with over 100 completed courses and 1,750 completed lessons!

This year, the focus is on a professional education in Relaxation Massage (Level 1) and Deep Tissue Massage (Level 2), including Anatomy, Physiology, VEKS subjects and First Aid. This corresponds to a traditional education at e.g. Axelsons.

Next year, the course offer will be expanded with Advanced Massage Therapy (Level 3), which will serve as further education for our members. This course offering will include joint therapy, trigger point therapy, therapeutic stretching, therapeutic exercise therapy and many exciting techniques and methods.

In addition, there will be special courses in the treatment of specific problems, such as tension headaches, chronic neck and back ailments, pelvic locking, pregnancy massage and other situations our customers are particularly concerned about.

A new direction will also be Spa treatments, so that those who want to expand the offer in the wellness direction can learn the use of aromatic oils, body scrubs, extra techniques for foot, hand and facial massage, Hot Stone and many other popular treatments.

NB! Of course, members of the Norwegian Massage Association get good discounts on all these courses!


Business development

Many therapists struggle to speed up their business, even if they are good with their hands. When you run for yourself, there are an incredible number of tasks that must be done, and a good number of them require a certain amount of competence.

With 20 years of experience in the massage industry, we know that marketing, sales and customer administration are areas that many spend too little time on, often because they lack the tools and insight to streamline tasks.

In partnership with Norwegian Massage School In 2021, we will develop targeted courses in the following topics:

  • Customer care and additional sales
  • Digital marketing (websites and social media)
  • Online booking
  • Online cash register system and payment
  • Online systems for the sale of gift cards and cut cards
  • Clinic design and organization
  • HSE course and Internal control (mandatory for employers)

There will also be good discounts for members!


Marketing materials

Via our partner In 2021, we will establish an online store where members can order printed matter and larger campaign materials such as signs, banners, window foil, etc. We used this when we arranged this year's Norwegian Massage Championships (look below).

We will pre-design some material with the Norwegian Massage Association's logo (business cards, customer forms, stickers) so you can order this with your own name on it. Of course, you can also design your own printed matter.

There will be good discounts for our members, along with a simple and neat interface for ordering. has fitters all over the country, so you can have signs and other things set up at your clinic.

Deltakere og dommere - Norgesmesterskapet i Massasje 2020

More marketing

We have an idea to develop a stronger marketing portal for massage and related services, so that we can help small clinics to become visible. Major players such as Styletime, Klinikk for alle mm have larger marketing budgets and can dominate the advertising market on Google, Facebook, etc.

The idea is to give all members free listing and marketing to begin with, so that we get everyone "on the map" and can create a lot of traffic to the clinics. We are in a planning phase together with another professional player, and hope to return to this in the new year.


In the state budget, the government has proposed removing the VAT exemption for alternative treatment, including massage services. This has been suggested several times before without having been implemented, so it is difficult to say anything about how it goes this time. Several politicians in the Storting have spoken out in favor of postponing it and ensuring a more thorough review of the issue, and we hope that this will be the result.

The Norwegian Massage Association was invited to a hearing on the topic earlier this year. We think the government's proposal is very bad, and have argued well for this in our consultation response.

You can read our response to the government here

When there is more specific information about the outcome of the case, we will inform the members. Should the VAT exemption disappear, we will provide information and measures to make the transition correct and safe for everyone.

Norway Championships Massage 2020

We arranged the first one NM in Massage in February and it was a great success!

30 of Norway's most skilled masseurs met at Chateau Neuf in Oslo, and competed in the categories Classic Massage Therapy, Wellness, Freestyle and Traditional Thai Massage. Finally, a final was held where the medal winners from each category met to decide who is this year's Norwegian Champion. Congratulations, Mayuri Johnsen!

5 international judges was brought in to decide the competitions - all with long competition experience and medals from the World Cup and European Championships in massage in recent years.

Our medal winners have utilized the success very effectively, and received attention in the local media where they live and work. This has given them full order lists and a record high influx of customers.

Medaljevinnerne - Alle Kategorier - Norgesmesterskapet i Massasje 2020

Norwegian Massage Championship 2021

NM 2021 will be held in February.

The date for a physical event is set for February 5-7, but it is currently unclear whether this can be done due to the Covid-19 situation.

Alternatively, we will conduct an online competition, where participants submit self-produced videos within each competition category. We have good experience with quality assessment via video and internet through the collaboration with Norwegian Massage School, so we know it can work.

Of course, it will not be as social and intense as meeting physically, but in terms of level we will get at least as good results.

We will return to this closer to Christmas.