Norwegian Massage Association organizes the first Norway Cup of Massage in collaboration with IMA (International Massage Association).

Here is the website with all the information and registration

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It will compete in four categories within the massage. Each category has its own results and win. Participants can take part in several categories. In addition, there will be held a finale where the best participants from all categories meet, and the securing of the Norwegian champion.

  • Classic Massage Therapy
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Wellness
  • Freestyle

All massage treatments considered by the event judges awarding points for each participant based on an objective set of criteria (engineering, precision, yield and ergonomics client contact, creativity mm). The client will also give points, based on their experience of treatment.

Read more about the rules here

Norwegian Massage Association is supporting this event both financially and administratively, and sees the championship as a unique opportunity to promote your massage business with customers and the media. It is also an industry gathering, with huge social and commercial potential for massage therapists, clinics, spas, schools and suppliers.

We have with us a fantastic team of judges consisting of international masseuses with long experience and exceptional skill! They will hold demonstrations of their favorite methods and techniques during the event.

Read more about the team here

Welcome both as a participant and audience!